3 Reasons Safety Walkthrough is important for your company

Safety walkthrough is a procedure to check for any hazards in offices, buildings and industrial plants. Most safety walkthrough involves a check list that helps to see any safety issues or hazard pinpoints.

Back Office Remedies values periodic workplace safety walkthroughs for the following 3 reasons; (Also, here are some tips to successfully conduct your safety walkthrough.)



1. Prevent unwanted accidents and injuries.

Make sure all employees are wearing their proper protective equipment (PPE) and all machines are up to date with inspections and regulations. Also, make sure all aisles and exits are clean and clear of debris and spills. This will your employees from unwanted injuries such as employees’ falling, getting hit or cut.


2. Increase awareness of safety.

Raise your employees’ awareness of safety operation by providing them with a class. Through the class, you can teach them how to use safety equipment properly such as how to lift, bend and cut in a safe manner.


3. Improve productivity with a regular inspection.

Assign responsibility to your employee(s) on each shift to make sure all safety procedures always meet safety requirements. This employee-based regular safety walkthrough not only but also gets your workers aware of the potential hazard.



Meeting the government standards is not enough to ensure workplace safety. Our safety programs are designed not only to meet OSHA compliance standards but also to exceed them to make sure all employee feel safe to work.

For more information on our safety programs, please visit our website or feel free to contact us.

Written by Alejandra - Safety Manager

Updated on May 8, 2017 11:48