Two Things to Help Retain Customers

What does good customer service actually mean and how to achieve it?

We all know that good customer service is crucial, but once you get down to trying to define what goes into it, not everyone is on the same page. To some, good customer service is as simple as solving problems and offering solutions in an expedient manner. To others it means overall pleasantness and politeness from those who represent the front lines of the company.

1. Don’t Make Your Customers Wait

Patience is a virtue, but don’t depend on it when interacting with customers. Some people define good customer service as receiving a quick resolution to a reported problem. Failure to respond properly to customers can negatively impact a business’ bottom line for years to come.

2. Build Trust and They Will Come (Back)

If your company is answering a phone by the first ring, is straight forward with all pertinent buying information, and is giving customers a personalized experience when they need it, then congratulations, you are building much-needed trust. This is the final piece of the puzzle, but it's the most important.

Your product or service will attract them initially, maybe even bring them back a second time, but what consistently entices customers to return is trust that they're going to have a good, barrier-less customer experience.

If you can provide the customers what they're looking for, when they need and expect it, then that trust built between your company and the customer will evolve into invaluable customer loyalty.

Updated on May 8, 2017 11:46