Understanding At-will employment to avoid legal exposure that can hurt your companies’ bottom line

The Company may dismiss at any time an employee who was hired for an indefinite period, for any reason or no reason, without incurring any liability to the employee. This general rule is often referred to as "employment at will". 

All employment and compensation with The Company is “at will”.  Neither the company, any of its managers nor any other employee can guarantee a specific duration of employment.  The Company recognizes that circumstances change with the passage of time and that some employees may seek opportunities elsewhere or choose to leave the company for other reasons.  


Others may not fulfill the operational needs of the company or changed circumstances may reduce available employment opportunities, which may result in involuntary terminations.  Employees may leave employment at any time with or without a reason.  Likewise, the company reserves the right to terminate any employee at any time within the provisions of Federal and State laws. 



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Updated on May 8, 2017 11:48